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Our School Dog


Molly is a cocker spaniel puppy. She was born on 5th August 2022. She lives at home with Miss Ardrey, but comes to school every day. Molly has a safe space in the Headteacher's office, a crate and plenty of space to ensure she feels happy, safe and has the space she needs in the day. 

Molly practices obedience skills daily and attends 1:1 sessions with a gundog trainer. 

Molly accompanies Miss Ardrey on her daily walks through the school and is always on a lead during this time. As she gets older, she will be trained as a therapy dog, reading with the children and supporting them with their learning. 

The children enjoy spending time with Molly through her gate, when she is in her extended play area (outside of the office) or when they visit to help look after her through the day. They love to see her out and about and with thanks to The Dogs Trust charity, the children have learned how to look after her and give her the space she needs, but with the confidence to say 'hi' when they see her. 

All children at our school will have close contact with Molly, unless a parent/carer informs us in writing. 

If a child is not as confident with dogs, then we offer time for the child to meet and greet Molly to get used to her presence. She is calm and gentle and sits to be petted. If your child is nervous around dogs, you could follow this guidance to support them in overcoming their fears.

This is Molly with our trained reading dog, Kai.

To read a little more about Molly and the policies surrounding her, please see below: