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Celebration Act of Worship

Every Friday we come together for a celebration Act of Worship. Our values support our children in achieving our vision: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," (Philippians 4:13) so that I can be the best that I can be, for myself, for others and for God. Each week we celebrate the children who demonstrate our values throughout the school day and show an ambition to be the best that they can be. 


A big well done to this week's award winners.

This week's Worship Reflections

This week, Year 1 reflected on the key messages from our Daily Act of Worship.

Jesus rode on a donkey, not a horse like a normal king – Joe and Arthur

They waved palm leaves to say hello – Amelia

Jesus wore a crown of thorns, not a golden crown – Sebastian

Jesus was patient and kind - Rome

Learning Values of the Week

This award is presented to the children who have been demonstrating elements of our Christian vision or values through their learning. 

Year R - Albert

Year 1 - Aaliyah

Year 2 - Emmie

Year 3 - Oscar S and Emily

Year 4 - Benjamin

Year 5 - Damian

Year 6 - Chlowie

Pride Award

This award is presented to a child from each class who has taken pride in their learning. A piece of each child's learning hangs proudly in Miss Ardrey's office.

Year R - Leonie

Year 1 - Poppy

Year 2 - Sammy 

Year 3 - Oscar H

Year 4 - Emma

Year 5 - Oscar

Year 6 - Alfie

The Daily Move

At Hildenborough, we promote daily physical activity in many ways. One way to make it a little more competitive is through The Daily Move. 

The class who moved the most: Year 1

Team Points

Congratulations go to HILDEN and RIDING this week for winning the team point cup 🏆 with 9 points!

Hot Chocolate Friday

Every week, selected children join Miss Ardrey and Molly for Hot Chocolate Friday. The following children all go above and beyond in all that they do. 

  • Henry
  • Callum
  • Eve and Bonnie
  • Sam
  • Charlie
  • Sophie and Joe
  • Oliver

The children told jokes to try and make each other laugh. We found them funny even with no punchline to some. The children then enjoyed training Molly. 

We tell the other children in the school about God's message. We plan collective worship and lead prayer. We enjoy updating the prayer station.

Worship Wardens