School Council

Every September each class elects one child to be their representative on the School Council, which meets at least six times per year. Year 6 have two school councillors. They discuss ways to improve our school and have made valuable suggestions relating to a variety of issues in school. In classes, issues are discussed and suggestions made. These are put forward at council meetings and outcomes are feedback to classes.
Our school councillors for the new academic year will appear here in September.





Well done to everyone who took part !
The voting was very close again this year!

Council Members

Year 1 – Caleb Penlington
Year 2 – Connor Matthews
Year 3 – Thomas Homewood
Year 4 – Gracie McMaster
Year 5 – Sam Long
Year 6 – Bonnie Simpson
Year 6 – Ben Dixon

News from our School Council



” We have been reading about the Naughty Bus and writing our own stories.
We have also been learning about transport and how it has changed over the years.”
“It’s been fun” – Year 2




” I liked maths this week because we have been subtracting ” – Caleb Penlington Year 1

” I enjoyed maths because there are lots of numbers. I like numbers. Child initiated was fun this week because I played ‘Teachers’, I taught that you have a capital letter at the start of a sentence and if it is a name.” – Jessica Williams Year 1

School Council Act of Worship

In Act of Worship the School Council took the lead and introduced themselves to the whole school. They told the school which classes they represented and explained how children in their class could come to them with ideas that may improve things in the school environment. They told us that they meet every two weeks and will listen to everyone’s ideas and feedback to the classes decisions that had been made about these ideas. We were also shown ideas boxes that will be in every classroom so the school council can insure everyone has the opportunity to put forward their ideas.