Hildenborough CE Primary School PTA

Chair’s Annual Report – October 2018

Having spent a significant amount of money on the removal and resurfacing of the pool site, the principal aim for the group this year has been to raise further funds so that we have resources available for smaller project requests from staff and an increasing fund towards the bigger project of an outdoor classroom on the former pool site.

As well as the traditional fundraisers of the Christmas and Summer Fairs, we also held termly class led cake sales; charity bag collections; Secret Santa room; World Book Day sale; Easter Disco and Ice pop sales. All these smaller fundraisers have been extremely well supported. Unfortunately, the proposed Races Night social event fundraiser was cancelled due to lack of support (incidentally the same event at Stocks Green to be held in the same week was also cancelled due to lack of support).

We have not had many requests this year for money but have been delighted to pay for the new outdoor learning resources in Year R; the outdoor library made by Arthur Bindemann in Year 6 and we have paid for the Christmas Entertainment for the whole school. We have contributed again to the Year 6 yearbooks and have set up an annual amount to support craft club. Whilst we agreed in September of 2017 to pay for new English resources for the library and early reading supplies, we have not heard any further on this, but still remain keen to fund this area of school life.

As a result of this we have a good amount of money available to support the school and welcome requests for funding from staff and suggestions from parents. We are interested particularly in spending money to support any extra curricular clubs, both sporting and non-sporting as this is an area that we feel can be further developed within the school.

One further success from the year has been the increase in both parental and staff involvement at events and we sincerely hope this continues.

As I come to the end of my time as Chair, I would like to thank all those involved this year, particularly Jo and Issy in their roles as secretary and Mark as Treasurer. As my hours of work have increased, I have hugely appreciated the hard work of the wider team. From first hand experience as a teacher, I am fully aware that budget cuts are putting enormous pressure on schools and am grateful for the continuing hard work put in by the fundraising group to support the school for our children.

Please find links to the most recent AGM minutes and the PTA financial report below.

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