Friends of Hildenborough

At the start of the academic year, we planned to provide money to help fund the removal and turfing of the swimming pool. It has been a very positive year, with a great number of events, new ideas, money raised and contributions to school life.

All planned events proved to be successful, making more money than in previous years. We organised termly cake sales run by parents from each year group; Christmas and Summer fairs; Secret Santa Room; Bingo night; World Book Day book sale; Easter disco and entertainment; Charity bags and the Sports day raffle . Much of the success of the year’s events is due to a wider range of people being involved in organisation, which has meant it has been possible to run more events and enjoy a greater sense of support and teamwork.

As well as contributing to the pool project, we have spent on the following: goals and footballs for Saturday morning football club; Contribution to Year 6 year book and thank you present to outgoing Year 6 parents for their PTA involvement; £400 for Sports Day; £200 towards the Sensory garden project.

We currently have money available for further spending and are happy to take suggestions from staff and parents. One of our goals for this year will be to continue to increase wider parental and staff involvement and we hope that the opportunity to gain investments for all school projects – particularly the REAL ones – will encourage even greater participation by staff in our organised events. We would appreciate if this can be communicated to the staff.

I would particularly like to thank all those involved this year – both the new members and existing ones. Hopefully the PTA is raising a more positive profile where people feel they can be involved in events without too much responsibility or too cumbersome a workload. With current pressures on public spending and school budgets, we are aware that many ideas or projects are not possible if the school has to fund them itself, so we are fully committed to raising funds to support our school in projects that might otherwise not be possible.

If you would like to contact us please email: