Forest School

We give our children the opportunity to spend time outside in our dedicated Forest School area for first-hand contact with the natural world in whatever season or weather. These structured and supportive sessions enable children to develop their understanding of the world, the environment and themselves, using their emotions, imagination and senses. We use outdoor activities as a tool to support the development of a child’s sense of well-being and engagement in their learning. The approach of small achievable tasks and a focus on the process rather than the end product, help progress the child’s personal, social and emotional development. Forest School happens in the natural environment, where children can see, hear, touch and smell what’s happening. It’s also where actions have real results and consequences. Our Forest School helps to bring school subjects alive and provides experiential and hands on opportunities.


To link in with our topic we decided to make clay faces amongst the trees. We collected leaves, twigs, pebbles and other natural materials from our Forest School area to create our faces. We thought about our features and which materials would be best to use to show these features.


Another adventurous morning in Forest School where we looked closely at how the leaves have changed. We found out that they are not all on the trees anymore and they are not all green. We enjoyed looking at the fantastic autumn colours. Some of us even climbed the apple tree to get a closer look at the leaves still on the tree.


As we have been learning bout hedgehogs some children made their own hedgehog using clay and natural materials found around Forest School. They were able to mould the clay into the shape they wanted then they found small twigs to make the spines. Here are some facts we have found out about hedgehogs:-

“They eat slugs and snails” – Amelia

”They roll into a ball when they get scared” – Jamie

”A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet” – Emma

”You need to make a hole in your fence so hedgehogs can go from garden to garden to garden” – Edward

”The baby hedgehogs don’t open their eyes for two weeks” – Sofia

”Their spikes are really ouchy” – Benjamin


This morning was a great day for bug hunting! We looked under logs, stones and leaves. We dug in the mud and looked through the grass. We even looked in the compost bin. We found so many different bugs and some of us took clipboards around with us so we could record what we had found. We used magnifying glasses to get a closer look and some of us even picked them up. Take a look at our photos below to see what else we were exploring today.


Today was the first visit to Forest School for the Reception class today. They enjoyed climbing trees, building fairy gardens and hunting for bugs. It was fantastic to see problem solving skills as well as communication and language skills being used to build dens. We made the most of the sunshine to have our snack outside around the base camp and talk about the things we had experienced outside.


15.6.18 Tree Faces

This week we made faces in the trees using clay and natural materials found around forest School. A lot of decisions had to be made about what materials would make good eyes, mouths, noses and hair. There are now some very interesting characters to be found on the tree trunks so please see if you can find them as you pass through the Forest School area. 

Other activities this week


10.5.18 Discovering Footprints

After finding a giant egg in our classroom this week we came to Forest School and discovered some large, strange footprints in the mud. After taking a closer look and finding a couple of other clues, such as a log with long claw marks on it and a giant tooth the children think a dinosaur has been at our school! So that we can investigate the footprint some more we mixed up some Plaster of Paris to make a cast of it.

Other activities this week.


3.5.18 Mud Slide

The terrible weather we had at the beginning of the week gave us a fantastic opportunity to see what fun we could have with mud! A large hole the children had dug last week had filled with water making a very muddy puddle. The children made a slide out of pallets and tarpaulins and had a lot of very messy fun.

Other activities this week


26.4.19 Making Swords
Following on from last week when some of the children made pirate ships with the pallets and crates this week they decided to make some swords with wood they found around Forest School. They had to work together to find the right size branches and helped one another to tie them together. Some of the children also made a bow and arrows.

Other activities this week


20.4.18 Climbing Trees
We really enjoyed using the extension to our Forest School area today. Now we can climb the trees! We helped each other to get up into the branches and had a lot of fun jumping down from them.

Other activities this week


22.3.18 Making Birds Nests
After listening to the birds outside we decided to challenge ourselves to see if we could build a bird nest. The children talked about what they thought birds used to make a nest and how they could make them warm and comfortable. We had some wooden eggs to test our nests when they were finished.

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15.3.18 Year 5
Year 5 were able to explore the Forest School area today.


15.3.18 Forest School Donuts
It is always very exciting to cook over the fire and today we were joined by Year 1 to make our delicious Forest School donuts. We made jam sandwiches which we dipped in egg before frying them over the fire. They were then dipped them in sugar and left to cool so we could enjoy them around our base camp.

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