SEN & Disabilities

SEN & D Policy

Sometimes children need additional support in different aspects of the school curriculum or their personal wellbeing. This could be a short term arrangement or longer if required.

Our Special Educational Needs department (SEN) comprises an SEN coordinator (SENCO), with the responsibility for co-ordinating special educational needs within the school, an SEN Manager and a number of Learning Support Assistants. We operate within the framework of the SEN Code of Practice.

Children are given extra help within the classroom or, where appropriate, individually or in small groups elsewhere in the school. We are always happy to meet with parents who have concerns about their children’s progress at school. We believe it is vital that all parents become closely involved at the earliest stages of their child’s learning processes. We cannot overstate the value of parental support in all cases, but particularly so where children have been identified as requiring this additional help.

We also offer a very caring environment where children’s wellbeing is paramount and offer nurture and support to facilitate happy children.

At Hildenborough CEP we also pride ourselves in the support that we offer more able children. This ability may be apparent in general intellectual ability, specific aptitude in one or more subjects, leadership, the creative or performing arts or in psychomotor ability.